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One night, as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed a note on my desk.

“Do you think the others would want to know more about this debate question? I can look into it tomorrow morning. Think of it as an offering!”

Met with a debate topic that only brought more questions than answers, Venerable Charity offered her unsolicited help. Not only did she look through various teachings, she also studied the different perspectives of Buddhism’s forefathers. Where regular tutors charge by the hour, you’d find someone like Ven. Charity who wouldn’t charge you a penny here at the monastery. Even if it means giving up her entire morning, she’d still happily invite you to attend. What an auspicious deed!

“Let me know if the handout doesn’t make any sense!”
I overheard Ven. Charity tell another nun after class.

The debate handout not only gives an overview of what’s been taught in class, it also helps fill in the blanks and simplifies what we found confusing to something we could all comprehend. Truth to be told, it doesn’t take Ven. Charity long to come up with something she could understand herself. Yet to create a review handout that could benefit people of all levels, she’d often spend twice the time. She’d analyze everything bit by bit, trying to figure out how we’d perceive this topic.

“Do you have ten minutes to explain this to me?”
After Evening Prayers, I saw Ven. Charity helping another classmate.

Regardless of where you’re at in this class, everyone’s doing everything they can for the teachings and for one another. I’m truly blessed and inspired to be in the same class as such exceptional practitioners. This is something I shall truly cherish.