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About Us

The Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute is a monastery where nuns study and practice the teachings of Buddha. By striving for Buddha’s wisdom and compassion in all that we do, we hope to bring happiness to all beings. Together, we hope to help make our community and environment a better place.

Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute's mission

1. Preserve, study, and understand Buddhist teachings, in hopes of spreading compassion and wisdom,

2. Establish and offer a distinguished Buddhist curriculum and learning environment for females

3. Put our faith into everyday practice by helping out and giving back to our community (e.g., mindfulness sessions, spiritual retreats, tree planting, roadside cleanup, interfaith dialogue, translations etc.)

We hail from Canada, China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States. We currently reside in our monastery located in Vernon Bridge but will be moving to Brudenell in the future.

As nuns learning the Buddha’s ways of compassion,
we hope our actions can brighten up the world around us.