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One day, our nuns arrived at the hospital to visit patients who were severely ill. The ward was cold with an air of despair. Exhausted, the caregiver was going through her phone. Some were unconscious, some paralyzed, and others, battling death. Some were once glorious, some healthy, and others successful, yet had lost everything in a moment’s time without knowing how to face it.

“No matter where you are now, you have the complete ability to bring warmth to others. Now, let us share kindness with one another. If you can smile, we’d like to see you smile; if you cannot smile, use your eyes; and if you cannot open your eyes, then use your heart and your mind…”

Instantly, through the group activity led by our nuns, a ripple of warmth spread throughout the ward. The caregiver set down her phone, watched the patient in front of her lovingly, and gently patted his back like a mother would to a child. The patients, though weak, started sending blessings to one another; just like the sun, their happiness shone on those around them, silently exuding love and care.

Warmth melted the cold, sorrow, and despair.

In reality, it was Teacher Zhen-Ru who had taught our nuns how to care for those who were ill. One of our nuns said, “We are here to learn. Because we felt the love and care Teacher Zhen-Ru had for those who were ill, we hope to pass on her wishes to everyone.”

Guidance from the wise is like a ray of light in the dark. To put even one sentence into practice can bring to one’s life, or however many lives, infinite hope.