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Ever since I was little, I have had many goals and aspirations but had always ended up changing them as I grew older. After joining the monastery, naturally I again set goal, but this time, I kept it to myself or occasionally revealed it to few people close to me. Most of the responses were only smiles, or a few words of “rejoice.”

On one occasion, when I was on a video call with my parents, I finally was able to share my aspiration with my dad: I hope to become Master Tsongkapha one day! I know it sounds like a slogan, but I know within myself regardless whether I would become him or not, I would not give up this aspiration! On hearing this, my father responded firmly: “Yes, you will become Him one day! You will become Him one day!” He confidently repeated it twice. I was astonished for a long while. Father was telling me that this path was possible and that he would forever be supportive of me.

I encountered my fair share of difficulties on this path. But each time I look at Master Tsongkapha’s picture in front of me, I am reminded of my father’s words: “You will become Him! “. Then, I would tell myself never to underestimate myself – I WILL BECOME HIM !!!