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The study of the Five Great Treatises is a mountain with steep steps to me. It is as though, whenever you push through the suffering to climb a mountain, you see even more endless, dangerous, steep mountains behind it. In the face of this long journey, besides our spiritual teachers and the nuns accompanying me, my parents are always by my side supporting me to continue to challenge my limits.

One time, when my family was visiting, I learned my father–who would not previously visit the Buddha Hall–for my sake, would go to the Buddha Hall every morning to light a candle. He would pray for my smooth study, to remove my obstacles. Although my father are half a world apart, he did not intend to let me know about his effort. But my father’s wholehearted intention, is bound to surround me in every moment!

No matter how high the mountains are, they can’t surpass my father’s love for me. No matter where I climb, I know that he will always accompany me, together we will reach the peak of the realization of the Five Great Treatises!