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During the first few years of my brother’s renunciation into the monastery, mother would be reminded of him every corner she turned.
Be it the clothes he’d worn, the fruits he’d eaten, the toys he’d played with to the words he’d spoken, everything triggered her longing for him. Seeing her in tears, I knew how much she missed him.
However, mother fully understood that even if my brother were to come home as she wished, her pain would only grow seeing how unhappy he is. Year after year, mother tried her very best to overcome such hardship. It has been seventeen years since my brother’s renunciation; and ten since I’ve joined the monastery. The woman who used to soak herself in tears has grown over the years; she’s given us her full blessing to pursue their dreams in the monastery.
In order to offer us the most valuable education, she would rather endure endless longing than ask us to stay by her side. Whenever I think of this, or am worn out from my studies, my heart is lit and filled with the resolution to go on. I am reminded of my courageous mother who’s sacrificed so much in exchange for my continuous learning in the monastery.
Only by being a strong practitioner who diligently commits her time to her studies can I truly repay what mother has done for me!