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On the pure land of Amitabha, birds and trees utter sounds of dharma, the vibrating strings of Sarasvati’s zither deliver beautiful melodies, and the celestial drums of the Heavenly King resound by themselves. The celestial melodies, converging in the divine time and space, are rarely known to the mortals. Despite their cravings for hearing the melodies, their wishes can never come true. 

Away from the mundane world, monastics live in remote solitude. In morning mist, the chanting resounds around, praying for Buddha’s blessing. The sound of the evening drum warns people not to slack off, urging them to practice Buddhism diligently. It’s a reminder from the ancient times. As the grand bell is sounded, the reciting sound soar through the heaven as well as the underworld. Do you realize that the sacred sound of the Three Jewels is here to benefit all beings?

In the vicinity of the monastery, you can hear young novices reciting sutra melodiously, monastics debating sonorously and lively, and the earnest and pleasant discussion about the meaning of scriptures from the lecture hall. Monastics’ wonderful reciting of Prajna Sutra lingers around the monastery, echoing in the air and resounding everywhere on this land.

Ambitious Buddhist followers, don’t be sad and think you’ve missed the best timing. Do not hesitate and never be afraid. Just stay and listen. The beautiful melody that releases people from cyclic existence has never ceased to play. It travels through the ancient canal of auspicious teachings to the secular world. Like cool spring, it purifies people’s souls. The Compassionate Master has never left us for an instant. In our hearts, the Buddhist teachings will never fade away. Don’t miss the great opportunity. Come and join the harmonious melody.