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When I was twelve, I made up my mind to be a vegetarian. My decision seemed to be a great challenge to my mother who was known for her non-vegetarian cooking. In order to fulfill my wish, mom started experimenting with different ingredients, went around seeking advice on vegetarian cooking and frequently shopped at Leezen stores, but she also visited a couple of well-known vegetarian ingredient stores.
Not only did she made an adjustment to my three daily meals; she went the extra mile to make sure I was not deprived of the joy of snacking after becoming a vegetarian. During Chinese New Year, she would put extra effort with the hope that I would be happy. All the vegetarian dishes were put in front of me.
One New Year’s Eve, mother told me happily that she learned to cook nine new vegetarian dishes! From her lighthearted remark, what I observed was a mother’s love for her child and the determination to surpass all difficulties in order to please her daughter.
From the bottom of my heart, I want to tell my mother, “Thank you for loving me! ”