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Many years ago, Teacher Zhen-Ru had encouraged us to study extensively in order to maintain the Buddhist teachings. Such practice is a common concern highly valued by many great teachers.

For the past few summers, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to receive auspicious teachings from two great teachers who’ve travelled from afar. This year, we’ve also been given the chance to pay them a visit in between our classes. We happily informed them of this year’s recitations exam results. 23 nuns have finished reciting Buddhist Logic while 20 have committed The Science of Mind to memory. Furthermore, three have fully memorized The Root Praise of Essential Meaning and 22 completed Twenty-Two Aspirations.

Hearing this, both teachers, extremely pleased, gave us the thumbs up. This scene left a deep impression in me.

By devoting myself to learning scriptures, recitations, and debate, I hope to attain the ultimate truth. In the eyes of a great teacher, this is where hope lies: in the group of monastics who work diligently day and night, dedicating their entire lives to create the pinnacle of monastic education.

I’ve known all along that a monastery’s exam system is of great importance. Yet seeing the look of joy in their eyes that day further strengthens the aspiration deep within me. I must work hard to become a scholar with extensive knowledge in all teachings, a practitioner who can let the teachings remain and become the refuge of all beings.