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n these two years, my grandpa is getting old and sick. My mom insists on taking care of him even though she wears more than one hat. She often drives back and forth to visit Grandpa, gets his medicine from the clinic and drives him up North to see the doctor. When she is unavailable to pick up Grandpa, she would contact her siblings and ask them to the job for her. By doing that, she actually built a bridge between Grandpa and other members of the family.
Mother’s virtuous deeds remind me of a verse in the Chapter on Purifying Practice in the Flower Ornament Sutra: “While serving one’s parents, one shall wish for all beings to serve the Buddha, protecting and nourishing everyone.” Mom’s good deeds are the result of her studying of Lamrim and Teacher Zhen-Ru’s teachings. I am grateful that Mom sets a good example for me and shows me how to bravely fight with my habitual tendencies and to get rid of afflictions.
Dad is another legend to tell. Ever since we were young, he started to offer free medical consultation in our local school community just to accompany us during our boarding school days. From then on, I’ve seen lots of changes in him – other than caring for the family, he continues to study Lamrim, learns and contemplate Buddha’s teachings diligently and takes up various volunteering work at the monastery. Moreover, he is willing to help with housework, do the laundry or saving good food for Mom. Little by little, Dad tried very hard to practice good deeds though reluctantly in the beginning. For his child, he is speeding up his Buddhist practicing diligently. I am so proud to have such a super dad.
Over the past few years, my two siblings and I have grown in the monastery. Together we witnessed the obvious spiritual growth in our parents’ lives and felt their never-changing love and dedication for us. Their whole-hearted support and expectations have become the most powerful backing of our Buddhist practicing, through which we want to repay what they’ve devoted to us.
Dear Mom and Dad, you are awesome parents! Let’s move on side by side, encouraging and taking care of one another, till the day we all attain Buddhahood!