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Headed to the warehouse across the construction site one day, we were stopped in our tracks. As a result of the heavy rain the night before, the dirt road leading into the warehouse was covered in earthworms. Should we cross, countless lives would be buried under the wheel.

Recalling Buddha and Teacher Zhen-Ru’s teachings, we got off the car and started to pick them up one by one with raincoats and umbrellas in hand. A path that usually takes no more than a minute to cross seemed incredibly long that day.

Despite the pressing work schedule, the safety and well-being of these beings were our biggest concern. With frozen hands, we continued to pick them up in the rain and mud. It was only after they’ve left the dangers of the road did we continue on with peace of mind.

Finally, everyone arrived at the warehouse. Though drenched from head to toe, we believe by upholding our precepts and being mindful of even the smallest beings, we’ve made the best offer to the Buddha and Bodhisattvas.