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I ducked head first into the passenger’s seat and gave dad a bear hug.

“There is nothing more reassuring than being in your car, dad!”
Thanks to his crybaby of a daughter who loves to tag along, dad has perfected the skill of driving fast and steady whether he’s on the highway or a rugged mountain road.

“This car’s got great functions! It runs so smooth!”
Dad couldn’t help but admire his new sports car.

But as the rain continues to pour, our visibility of the road ahead of us only worsened. I began to panic. “Dad’s here. There’s nothing to worry about.” I comforted myself as I watched dad maneuver the vehicle at ease like always.

Suddenly, the car, travelling at high speed, lost control and swirled unscrupulously across the 4-lane highway like a wild beast gone mad. Everything was spinning in front of me. Has that day finally come? I thought I was going to die.

“Guanyin Bodhisattva! Save us!” I blurted out.

Just as I’d called out its name for the second time, the car suddenly came to a halt as if it had been tamed. Incredible as it sounds, with almost zero visibility, not only were we safe and sound, the car was in one piece. A chain car accident had been spared. All I could hear was the name of the Guanyin Bodhisattva in the pouring rain. When dad started the engine and redirected the car back onto the road again, it was as if nothing had happened.

I first called out its name during the school’s fire drill. As time passed by, I got used to praying to the Guanyin Bodhisattva in times of emergency. Most of the time, things turned out fine. My faith for her has grown over time. I’d subconsciously seek refuge in her even in my sleep.

PEI, Canada.
A harsh winter.
The bus carried us northward down a snowy road. The wind hummed outside our window. Not a sound could be heard. The driver picked a rather ordinary crossroad to make a U-turn. Just as the bus was backing up, the wheels slid into the ditch next to the road. The entire bus plunged backwards. Everyone on the bus woke up with a start. I clung tightly onto my seat.

“Guanyin Bodhisattva!”
I blurted without a moment of hesitation.

Come to think of it, no matter how great a vehicle you drive or how superb your skills may be, nothing can stand its ground in the moment of life and death. Guanyin Bodhisattva is the only one I can rely on. Her great aspiration and compassion is comparable to no other. I believe she will look after every helpless being. Even if today’s the day, I am no longer afraid with her by my side. As long as I think of her, that eternal blessing will always be with me.