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Mid-April, Prince Edward Island. As days grow warm, two mosquitoes who’ve felt the change slowly flew into the classroom. They sang by everyone’s ears, forcing the group of nuns who were fully engaged in their discussion to take note of their existence.

One nun took out a box. Just as she was about to take the mosquitoes outside, another suddenly reminded her, “Did you help guide them take refuge in the Three Jewels?” The nun with the box nodded.

Seeing this, I have nothing but heartfelt respect. To be able to maintain your refuge and not forsake the Three Jewels even in jest, and to sympathize with all beings at any given time is the quality found in none other than a monastic. This is why Rinpoche said, “Monastics may be Buddha and Bodhisattvas.” Because only a Bodhisattva would be able to do this.

Thanks to the two mosquitoes, I had the opportunity to review my teachings and to experience the beauty of taking refuge in the monastics.