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The classroom floor groaned from time to time.
“That’s him again.” said a nun, unamused.

Winter was a glair-white silence, and right underneath our modular building was a perfect spot for a warm hibernation. Apparently, the inhabitant down under just turned himself.

In the summertime, you could catch a glimpse of our neighbor passing by, while in winter, he is tucked away with only sounds to verify his existence. And the culprit behind the groans? A pudgy raccoon!

“I had even heard him snore!” seems like Venerable Fa-qu had been paying attention to our neighbor’s activities.
“So… he could also hear us?” And before you know it, Venerable Fa-sui had already put her hands together, as if talking the floor, saying “Refuge to the Guru, refuge to the Buddha, refuge to the Dharma, refuge to the Sangha!”

And these words, come from the bottom of our hearts to you.