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Upon conclusion of the three month Pravarana, a period of time when monastics focus on developing their practice of Buddhist teachings, there is a three day dharma ceremony held for blessings as well as prayers for the deceased.
During these three days, GWBI monastics will chant The Prajnaparamita Sutra (italicize) as well as The Ullambana Sutra (italicize). On the last day, GWBI will hold the Mengshan Food Bestowal Dharma Ceremony.
The Mengshan Food Bestowal ritual is specially to help the beings who are in the realms of hell and hungry ghosts.
Besides bestowing food and water so that the beings can eat well, through dharma teachings, chanting of various mantras, the ritual is designed to remove their fears and bring them comfort and potentially even help remove karmic obstacles so that they can leave the realms of hell and hungry ghosts.